This year’s annual banquet will be a VIRTUAL EVENT instead!

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Info about the event:

We’ve decided to go virtual this year! The annual benefit luncheon/banquet is now a virtual watch event. There will be no zoom or anyone seeing each other- simply all of us watching the video at the same time (1pm), from the comfort of our own homes. Links to watch the event will be emailed to those registered on the date of the event: October 11 at 1PM. You don’t want to miss it!

Keep Calm and Carry On …. that is what Melissa Ohden had to do when she found out that she was a survivor of a failed saline abortion. Melissa not only realized that she was a survivor, but thrived as she became an inspiration to others and is now the Founder and Director of The Abortion Survivors Network.

Melissa Ohden; Main Speaker

Watch now to hear Melissa share her story & much more:

Invite Friends & Family Across the Nation

The more fellow pro-life friends & family you invite, the better! Because this event is virtual, anyone can attend from anywhere, for free! Carry On with us by inviting your pro-life friends, co-workers, church members, and family members.

Share by email, Facebook posts, calling or texting on the phone, in person whenever you see someone, and to your church members/pastor.

Remember, anyone, anywhere can attend for free, so don’t hold back the invites! Inviting others is the #1 way you can help us while you wait for the event!

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